Albert City Public Library Annual Report 2020-2021 

Library District:  NW 

City Population :699

Library size: B 

County: Buena Vista 

City Income received from City's General Fund:  $49,757    County Income:  $8,100   Total:  $57,857 

State Income from Direct State Aid, Open Access, ILL :  $1,524 

Endowments and Gifts received:  $12,377 

Total Salaries and Wages paid out before deductions:  $38,822   Employee benefits:  $6,516 

Total Physical expenditures: $9,950      Ooerating Expenditures(lights, heat, etc.): $4,692 

For all the other details of the Annual Report, please come into the library where a printed copy of the Total Report is available for your viewing.